Que Leones (Los Leones)

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Que Leones (Los Leones)
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Nicole León (Clarissa Molina) and José Miguel León (Ozuna) have taken their romance to the next level: They now live in New York, struggling to grab a bit of the American dream. However, balancing a couple's life, two jobs, dreams of being an entrepreneur and the difficulties of starting in another country, take their toll on their courtship. Now they are presented with new challenges: Don Camilo León (Raymond Pozo) has a new girlfriend, so Nicole, his daughter, returns to Santo Domingo to meet his extravagant and possible new stepmother. Meanwhile, José Miguel finds that his father, Don Tito León (Miguel Céspedes) fails to control his yearning to live like a millionaire. These situations will lead the two Leon families to get together to try again to combine the fun eccentricities of their members.

Rated N/A
Runtime 01 hr. 36 min.
Genres Comedy
Opened January 24th, 2020

Cast Stephany Liriano, Casper Smart, Anyelina Sánchez, Ozuna, Sarodj Bertin
Directed By Frank Perozo
Written By Jose Ramon Alama, José A. Paxtor

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