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Tessa Connover is barely coping with the end of her marriage when her ex-husband, David, becomes happily engaged to Julia Banks- not only bringing Julia into the home they once shared but also into the life of their daughter, Lilly. Trying to settle into her new role as a wife and a stepmother, Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, the man who can help her put her own troubled past behind her. But Tessa's jealousy soon takes a pathological turn until she will stop at nothing to turn Julia's dream into her ultimate nightmare.

Rated R
Runtime 1 hr. 40 min.
Genres Drama , Suspense/Thriller
Opened April 21st, 2017

Cast Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, Isabella Rice, Simon Kassianides
Directed By Denise Di Novi
Written By Christina Hodson


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