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I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration
Fathom Events and CBS will present 5 uncut, full-length colorized episodes on Lucille Ball's Birthday, August 6, plus REDHEAD TALES - a newly produced and never-before-seen featurette on the colorization of I Love Lucy, and an exclusive mini poster! Lucy Does a TV Commercial: In this classic "I Love Lucy" episode, Lucy has angled her way onto Ricky's special as the show's pitch girl. Newly Colorized Footage! Job Switching: After Ricky and Fred get upset about the girls' spending, Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory while the boys do the housework. L.A. at Last!: When the Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in Hollywood, Lucy goes to the Brown Derby restaurant where her sighting of William Holden turns catastrophic.
Playing At
Carlisle Commons Movies 8 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Gateway Theater 8 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Hanover Movies 16 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Kill Devil Hills Movies 10 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Lexington Exchange Movies 12 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Reading Movies 11 & IMAX (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
State Cinema 3 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Westminster Movies 9 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
Wilkes Barre Movies 14 (Tue Aug 06, 2019)
DCI 2019: Big, Loud & Live 16
Fathom Events and Drum Corps International bring the Marching Music's Major League™ to the big screen for an exclusive one-night event. Get your front-row seats to the DCI World Championship Prelims LIVE from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN when Big, Loud & Live returns to cinemas. Catch all the action as 15 of DCI's top performing corps battle it out for the chance to be named the 2019 DCI World Champion!

Playing At
Gateway Theater 8 (Thu Aug 08, 2019)
Hanover Movies 16 (Thu Aug 08, 2019)
Lexington Exchange Movies 12 (Thu Aug 08, 2019)
Reading Movies 11 & IMAX (Thu Aug 08, 2019)
Margaret Atwood: Live in Cinemas
Fane Productions and BY Experience will present the iconic author, Margaret Atwood, captured live on stage from London, on the worldwide release of her new book, the Testaments, the thrilling sequel to her 1985 classic, The Handmaid's Tale. The event will feature conversation with Ms. Atwood about the book which will include exclusive readings and special guests - September 10 only.
Playing At
Hanover Movies 16 (Tue Sep 10, 2019)
Lexington Exchange Movies 12 (Tue Sep 10, 2019)
Reading Movies 11 & IMAX (Tue Sep 10, 2019)
You Are Here
September 11th, 2001. Images of that shocking tragedy are forever etched into our collective consciousness. And yet, on that very same day, a small island just 3,000 kilometers from Manhattan in the middle of the Atlantic gave voice to all that is good and generous during America's darkest hour. The citizens of Gander, Newfoundland welcomed 38 airliners with no place else to go and hosted the thousands of passengers who were strangers in a strange land. Gander shone as the beacon of hope in the wake of tragedy, welcoming strangers who left as life-long friends. An intimate talk with passengers and locals whose lives have been turned into a worldwide musical film to follow - September 11 only.
Playing At
Carlisle Commons Movies 8 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Gateway Theater 8 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Hanover Movies 16 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Kill Devil Hills Movies 10 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Lexington Exchange Movies 12 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Reading Movies 11 & IMAX (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
State Cinema 3 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Westminster Movies 9 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
Wilkes Barre Movies 14 (Wed Sep 11, 2019)
When Harry Met Sally... 30th Anniversary (1989) presented by TCM
Fathom Events, TCM and Warner Bros. present When Harry Met Sally... for a special 30th Anniversary showing coming to select cinemas featuring exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies. Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) meet when they share a car on a trip from Chicago to New York right after both graduate from college. As the two build their lives and careers in Manhattan, they find love and heartache--with other people--but their paths continue to cross and their friendship continues to grow over the years ... until they confront the decision whether to let their friendship develop into romance.
Playing At
Kill Devil Hills Movies 10 (Sun Dec 01, 2019)